Rita Ora breakfast meal which she never misses

As we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And it is essential to eat a wholesome meal every morning. As per a recent interview, it looks like Rita Ora has found just what meet’s her heart desire.  Each day, the Anywhere artist eats the same things for breakfast. The “Your Song” singer, likes to start each day feeling her best—and one meal, in particular, helps her do that and will release her first-ever worldwide album this March.

Rita Ora breakfast meal which she never misses

She told PEOPLE “I always have egg whites with salmon every morning without fail, I don’t eat anything else. I always have a bit of protein, and I don’t have normal scrambled eggs, I do egg whites. Or I have like boiled eggs with salmon.” She also says “I don’t have any bread, and I just have like chicken, and vegetables and I drink a lot of juices and a lot of water.”

It’s mainly because she doesn’t have time to fall off her game, so she has a meal plan in place to keep on track, according to a singer. When the singer’s home is in London, and her mom lives around the corner, isn’t adorably bringing by dinner and has another staple meal she likes whipping up. “I’m not the best cook, but I have my go-to meals. Right now I’m doing like chicken and cauliflower rice—cauliflower rice is my discovery by the way because it’s like rice but with no carbs. That’s major,” she adds.

The performer once upon a time did have junk food loving phase, though she decided that lifestyle was not for her. She says, “I’ve done the whole binge thing. I’ve been on tour, ‘stop at a fast food restaurant’ thing and it just does not feel good, like ‘Oh my god I feel sick. And I don’t have time to get sick!”