Ashley Iaconetti and Jaren Haibon opens up about their wedding plans

Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon opens up about their wedding plans

The 30-year-old actress got engaged to Jared Haibon last month, but the two are already thinking about their big day.

In its latest issue, Ashley Iaconetti has told PEOPLE exclusively: “About a year would be a nice time. We’re both definitely on par with a bigger wedding. We’ve always imagined that.” Jared had admitted that he has already been planning to propose for weeks before they headed towards “Bachelor in Paradise” sets in June. He has said, “I knew since we started dating that this wasn’t just a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.” He has said that he knew from day one, he is going to propose. The actor— who has asked her parents for their blessing ahead of time— has earlier told his fiancée that he wanted to “go back to Paradise and make it right.”

Jared admits about the romantic proposal that he was definitely nervous. Ashley has explained, “He did a great job hiding whatever nerves he had! He was not showing any red flags as to what he was going to do that day. There is not a thing I would change. There were plenty of tears, so many tears.”

While the pair— who first met three years ago on “Bachelor in Paradise”— are still researching venues and thinking about their guest list, there is one aspect of the ceremony that they are both on board with their officiant. The 29-year-old “Bachelor in Paradise” alum has said about his friend, “We want Tanner [Tolbert] to officiate at the wedding.”

He has revealed, “Tanner and Jade have been the couple that we were closest to within the Bachelor family.” After Ashley and Jared revealed that they had been secretly dating on the entertainment host’s digital series “The Story of Us,” the couple has been happily nesting in Los Angeles and planning for their future together. Ashley has said, “I just know that I want to start trying to have kids at 32.” Jared has explained that they are engaged now, so they will get to the wedding and then maybe pop out a couple kids.