Moncler unveils its Latest Retro Puffers Winter Collection

Moncler unveils its Latest Retro Puffers Winter Collection
Image Source: Robb Report

In an era, when many traditional brands struggle in finding a foothold, Moncler has done something which is quite remarkable. This French clothing brand is known for its modern iconic puffer jackets for the slopes of St. Moritz and Sun Valley, the brand made designed the outfits a few years ago to stand out from the basics of its snowflake fashion with an aim to discover the sports aesthetics collection of its rising streetwear. Much before its expensive counterpart, the brand chose to get to the bottom of the floor.

In addition to this, the brand’s practical outerwear and knitwear are becoming the trend of the all-around brand (also known as hypebeasts), meanwhile, men are looking forward to testing the waters.

Earlier this year, the brand went one step further and launched Moncler Genius, a series of eight seasonless products that were introduced by pioneers such as Supreme. Although the past release included coats that were completed in collaboration with street fashion heavyweights such as Craig Green and Hiroshi Fujiwara from Fragment (which was removed later). The release of its fourth version which has already been reported to hit the stores and features a different look.

The Moncler 1952 capsule series is completely in-house designed and inspired by the company’s appearance when it opened its store in the Upper Sava Mountains 66 years ago. The series marks Moncler’s most iconic visuals, marks them through the front of the sweater, and abstracts them into all the patterns on the patch or jacket. Of course, the puffer fish has also played. Most use an exaggerated front-mounted front cover and collar, all of which are subtle from subversive to full-open. Although there is no big, extravagant name in this iteration of Genius, the limited edition style is expected to get all snapped up in a flash.