Former Prime Minister of Malaysia has been arrested due to corruption

Najib Razak
Image Source: The Straits Times

The anti-graft agency of Malaysia has reportedly arrested the former Prime Minister Najib Razak this Wednesday on the loot of multimillion-dollar from the investment fund of the state. The agency has said that Razak will be facing charges in the court.

According to the agency, Najib was present at his office when he was detained, and he is going to be presented to the court on Thursday to face charges. Najib siphoned $627 million from the 1MDB and put it into his account. The former prime minister will be facing charges under the Malaysian section anti-corruption law which deals with the abuse of power.

Before this incident, Najib has been charged multiple times for criminal breach of corruption, trust and money laundering related to the scandal of the state fund 1MDB. He pleaded to the court that he wasn’t guilty. Najib has claimed previously that the money was a donation from the royal family of Saudi Arabia.

The leaked documents have seemingly exposed this scandal. Najib dismissed the critics in his government, quashed the investigations, and he went as far as muzzling the media. The anger of the public has defeated Najib long-term coalition in the elections of May and this accompanied in the first change of power in Malaysia since the country gained independence from England in the year 1957.

1MDB is getting invested by a minimum of six countries like Singapore, the United States, and Switzerland by alleged money laundering and grafting.

The former prime minister of Malaysia, Najib had set up 1MDB when he came to power back in 2009. Najib had revealed the purpose of 1MDB which is to promote economic development slightly the fund has gathered billions of dollars in debts. The US is onto Najib’s money laundering for alleged cross-border money laundering and embezzlement. The new Malaysian government reopened the investigations & barred Naib and his wife from leaving the country.